An ideological home for the 40% of Utahns who identify as Moderates

A chart showing that 40% of Utahns identify as Moderates, 41% as Conservative and 15% as Liberal.

Moderates decide elections in Utah. With 40% of the electorate, any candidate that Moderates back will win. Party loyalists will reliably toe the line and vote with the party. In a divided climate, itʼs the centrists — the swing voters — who bear the responsibility of determining the path forward.

Moderates of Utah is not a political party. It is a resource and ideological home for the growing number of people who do not fully align with the two major groups, those who bristle at extremism on both ends, those who find principles worth upholding in both parties.

Vote on November 5th for Moderate candidates like these.

Agitated partisans are far more likely to take their grievances to the ballot box and are therefore over-represented. To combat extremism, Moderates need to show up and vote for centrists who cooperate and cool tensions rather than intensify them. Consider some of these candidates for that.

If you've never previously voted, register online to be eligible to vote in the next election.

John Curtis, running for US Senate

John Curtis
US Senate

Spencer Cox, running for Governor

Spencer Cox

Joe Biden, running for President

Joe Biden

Blake Moore, running for US House District 1

Blake Moore
US House District 1

Be a Moderate in public too.

bumper sticker featuring the Moderates of Utah logo

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A small 5% margin makes its way back to us with each sale. The funds are used only to further the cause of Moderates of Utah.